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Soft and Pressure Washing with Care

On The Spot SoftWash is a family-owned and operated Softwashing business that specializes in residential cleaning services. Our company is built on customer centricity where our number one priority is to ensure our customer’s needs are met and exceeded on every occasion. As a small exterior cleaning company, our goal is to restore the appearance of your home to the state at which it was the day you purchased it. Our team is equipped with the latest industry equipment and trained techniques to provide excellent customer service. 


What We Do

Revitalize Your Property Today


At On The Spot SoftWash, we understand that each property is unique.

Soft washing is our primary method of cleaning most surfaces. Soft washing is much safer than conventional high-pressure cleaning. Soft washing utilizes low PSI; generally, between 60-800PSI whereas high-pressure cleaning can go upwards to 4K-5K PSI.

There is no job too large or small for our company. On The Spot Soft Wash’s team is trained on the latest technology to handle any job.

Our company is reliable and will communicate with you through every step of the process to ensure your expectations are exceeded. On The Spot Softwash is dedicated to customer satisfaction and look forward to working with you in the future.

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Power Washing Bench

On The Spot SoftWash offers a free estimate to all of our customers. Contact us today and one of our technicians will come out to get you a free in-person estimate.  Connect with us today by calling 804.476.0043 or submitting the request form.

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